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Red Earth Conversation Series

Red Earth Conversation Series

As we come out of lockdown, Red Earth Community Foundation (RECF) and Burnett Inland Economic  Development Organisation (BIEDO) are teaming up to host a series of 
conversations to talk about what we’ve gained from the experience in the inland Burnett. 

The Red Earth Conversation Series invites you to join with leaders to talk about tomorrow, today. Join us as we explore the change ahead for our region and how we can utilise the COVID-19 experience to redefine our businesses and our work.

The Conversations Series is free to attend and hosted online via Zoom, view upcoming events and RSVP here


Previous Sessions:

Please complete the form below to access recordings from previous session including: 

Session 1 - Thursday 4 June 2020: QLD Chief Entrepreneur and CEO of Everledger, Leanne Kemp, in conversation with Burnett Inland entrepreneurs Todd Fiedler and Stephanie Whitaker.

Session 2 - Thursday 18 June 2020: Cathy McGowan AO, former Independent for Indi alongside Burnett Inland community leaders Andrew Bryant and Belinda Gangemi.

Session 3 - Thursday 2 July 2020: Michelle Deshong, CEO of the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute, alongside Burnett Inland community leaders Misty Neilson-Green and John Carey. 

Session 4 - Thursday 30 July 2020: Simone de Haas, Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, alongside Burnett Inland community leaders Councillor Melinda Jones and Damien Martoo.

Red Earth Conversation Series:
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