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February | 2024 is off and running

2024 is off and running..


Welcome to our first BIEDO Burst for 2024. I am thrilled to share the incredible developments and initiatives that have been taking shape within BIEDO. We have a multitude of projects on the go and each one is designed with the collective goal of fostering growth and prosperity across the Burnett Inland region.


We think 2024 promises to be a landmark period for us, as we continue to expand our horizons and contribute meaningfully to the communities of the Burnett Inland.


I am excited to pull back the curtain and provide you with an insider's look into the various projects that are currently underway:

View the January 24 BIEDO Burst here:

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December 2023 | Final word for 2023

It's incredible to think that Christmas and the end of another year is upon us already. 


Working in regional economic development requires a sense of optimism. Everyone is currently operating in uniquely challenging circumstances with labour shortages, inflationary pressures, housing deficits, water security, connectivity and healthcare being critical concerns. When you add climate change and a barrage of natural disasters that have hit in the last few years to that list, optimism, resilience, and community are key. BIEDO are actively working to make connections and generate ideas and initiatives for the future development of our region. It will take plenty of grit and collaboration, but it is a challenge we are looking forward to taking on.

View the December 23 BIEDO Burst here:

October - 23 - Burst.jpg
October 2023 | Welcome to our new GM Mistrel Badesso

Expressing gratitude for the warm welcome, the new BIEDO leader shares their measured approach to tackling challenges and expanding BIEDO's impact in the Burnett Inland. They highlight recent engagement with partners and communities, emphasizing the strength of unity. BIEDO's participation in the Agrifood and Fibre sustainability summit provided insights into critical topics like regenerative farming and food waste reduction. The team acknowledges the hardship caused by the current dry spell and focuses on supporting primary producers and rural communities. With a boots-on-the-ground approach, they express determination to face challenges and harness the region's potential through community engagement and strategic planning.

View the October 23 BIEDO Burst here

September 23 - Alert.jpg
September (Special) 2023 | Welcome to our BIEDO Agricultural database for tender opportunities, disaster recovery and resilience, business opportunities and more.

Thank-you for being a long-time supporter of BIEDO, this has meant that we are able to be an ongoing representative between your operations, business and government services.


We have recently secured funding which means that your contact details will be automatically added to our Sector Databases which has the benefits of information and inclusion in:

  • Practical agricultural workshops including Agritourism

  • Tender opportunities with major businesses who are involved in major development and looking for local suppliers in the Burnett region

  • Disaster mapping, disaster recovery and resilience, and access to funding, skills and information pertaining to disasters

Other economic recovery and development opportunities for the agricultural sector.

View the September (special) 23 BIEDO Burst here

July - 23 - Alert.jpg
July (Special) 2023 | One last note from Kristy Board as her journey continues on..

In the final update from General Manager Kristy Board, she announces her decision not to renew her contract as GM of BIEDO. She reflects on her 19-month journey, which involved navigating flood events, community challenges, and recovery efforts. Kristy expresses her pride in serving the community and facilitating opportunities for BIEDO's success. While she temporarily remained GM to travel and conduct research on alternative community operations, she realized she couldn't fully dedicate herself to these opportunities. Kristy's departure won't disrupt BIEDO's operations, as the organization continues its vital work in various areas. She expresses gratitude to her dedicated team and BIEDO Chair, John Zahl, for their unwavering support.

View the July (special) 23 BIEDO Burst here

May - 23 - Alert.jpg
May (Special) 2023 | BIEDO's BeLong Table Lunch. A Family friendly event.

Join BIEDO for a day of entertainment featuring talents like comedian Peter Rowsthorn, Diva Legends, Joe Guidace, and local vocalist Helen Downs. Enjoy a long table lunch with the North Burnett community. Peter Rowsthorn's stand-up comedy, Susie Jay's captivating performance, and Joe Guidace's Tom Jones-like vocals promise a memorable experience. The event offers activity stalls for both adults and children, including a jumping castle. With tickets priced at just $5, including a $5 food voucher, and various food vendors to choose from, it's a low-cost, family-friendly event. Plus, you'll see the winners of the 'Stories From Golden Heart's Photography Competition.' Don't miss this exciting opportunity!

View May (Special) 23 BIEDO Burst here

May 23 - ALERT - FooL.jpg
May (Special) 2023 | Flavours of Our Land event invitation.

Flavours of Our Land is a very important project to BIEDO, it’s part of our mission to revitalise Burnett Inland Agriculture by making stronger connections between Producers and Consumers. BIEDO envisions a holistic, food systems approach to promoting food production from paddock to plate and beyond, including industrial food production, food manufacturing, export opportunities and the growth areas of food and agritourism.

Afterall, agritourism’s worth is thought to be to be $4.5billion in Queensland by 2030 ($18.6billion nationally). Agritourism is a serious form of economic development that we're committed to bringing to our region.

View the May (Special) 23 BIEDO Burst here

APril - 23 - Burst.jpg
April 2023 | Welcome Wendy Thorsbourne, another sucessful Visionary Womens event- Annual Report - released.

As mid-April arrives, the BIEDO team is back in full swing, following a successful Burnett Visionary Women event called "Overcoming Overwhelm" in Monto. This event aimed to inspire and empower women in business and community roles, addressing issues like overwhelm.

The organization is excited to welcome Wendy Thorsborne to their team, an asset with agricultural expertise. We're actively coordinating and participating in various events, ensuring local businesses and agriculture stay informed and connected. BIEDO also facilitated a valuable connection between local businesses and CPB Contractors, a Tier 1 Supplier. The School To Employment Connections (STEC) group is working to bridge the gap between students and employers, offering valuable career insights.


The annual report reflects the organization's achievements and resilience in the face of last year's challenges. Lastly, Flavours of Our Land seeks to promote local food and agritourism enterprises.

View the April 23 BIEDO Burst here

March 23 - Burst.jpg
March 2023 | BIEDO's Achievements: Empowering Burnett Inland with Success, Resilience, and Innovation.

BIEDO is off to an exceptional start this year, with productive conversations, project launches, and successful events. They've completed a Connectivity Roadshow and Round Tables in 13 communities, with invaluable support from NBN Co, Telstra, and SkyMesh. BIEDO is driving local food branding in the Burnett Inland, promoting community pride and business development. Disaster preparedness and resilience initiatives are a top priority, with mental health strategies and gatherings on the horizon. The organization's focus for the next 12 months includes major projects, labor solutions, small business support, and activating the Burnett as a food region. They're dedicated to advancing regional economic development, so stay connected for exciting updates!.

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View March 23 BIEDO Burst here

February - 23 - Burst - Visionary Womens.jpg
February 2023 | Visionary women hosting a new event!

The start of a year, a new job, a new project or perhaps a new vision can add a number of new tasks to your to do list.

Our first event of the year sets to help you out with starting the new, or finishing the old by gifting you tools and inspiration to end overwhelm in your life and to become naturally and enjoyable productive.

Join us at the Ridgey Plains Art Gallery in Monto.

View the February 23 BIEDO Burst here

January 23 - Alert.jpg
January (Special) 2023 | We are hitting the road for the Connectivity Roadshow! 

Come and visit us at the BIEDO Connectivity ROADSHOW and speak to operators NBN, Skymesh, Activ8Me, Optus and Telstra in person. Each business will have staff available to answer your questions and discuss your person and business connectivity.

We're also asking if you might be able to share with us about your connectivity and ability to access telecommunications and internet.

View the January Special BIEDO Burst here

December - 22 - Burst.jpg
December 2022 | Oh what we have achieved over 2022.

In 2022, BIEDO and the Burnett Inland community overcame adversity, achieving remarkable progress. Despite early challenges, including natural disasters and the ongoing pandemic, BIEDO delivered 47 programs, personally assisting over 3,000 individuals and traveling over 22,642km to serve the community. They provided crucial flood relief support, advocated for farmers, and actively contributed to economic development and growth through various initiatives. This year's achievements are a testament to their dedication, and they express gratitude for the community's support, looking forward to a brighter 2023 together.

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View December BIEDO Burst here

October 22 - Burst.jpg
November 2022 | we visited  the major projects projects forum, TIQ meeting, Flavours of our Land.. read more below..

BIEDO fuels economic growth in the Burnett Inland region through event engagement. They attended the Major Projects Forum, discussed the impact of ESG on Agribusinesses, and connected with Trade and Investment Queensland to enhance trade opportunities. They championed the Mundubbera Blueberry Festival and celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Murgon Muster, contributing to the local economy. Additionally, BIEDO hosts workshops, like the recent "Heart of Success," to foster positivity and combat procrastination. Their commitment drives economic prosperity in the Burnett Inland.

View the November 22 BIEDO Burst here

October - 22 - Visionary Womens.jpg
October (Special) 2022 | We have a new Burnett Visionary Women event to share with you all! 

Last event, we were at Nourished at Capper. Our last event really set the scene for growing, building and prospering together and supported women to identify their goals.

It was reiterated to us in that room, that particularly in regional areas, women do not make time to consider themselves, let alone their dreams.  


View the October Special BIEDO Burst here

September 2022 | Economic Development isn't always what we immediately think of.

BIEDO have proudly advocated for dedicated 'local food' spaces at each of the food festivals, which has led to strong consumer conversations and the activation of collaborative food leadership. All of this activity is part of our work in advocating for the Burnett Inland and its agricultural recognition and pride.

We continue to keep across the Biosecurity issues that affect our community.

Next month we're looking forward to being in Mundubbera on Tuesday the 25th of October for our next Visionary Women event 'Heart of Success,' and at the many other events across the region including the Mundubberra Blueberry Festival.

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August 22 - Burst.jpg
August 2022 | Foot & Mouth Update | Stay aware, not alarmed!

On Thursday the 4th August at 9am, BIEDO will host a special South Burnett Agricultural Network Meeting at the Wondai Town Hall to update producers on Foot and Mouth and Lumpy Skin disease.

We will hear from John Higgins our local Principal Biosecurity Inspector, Animal Biosecurity and Welfare officer from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. It will be great to get a current update and listen to the insights that John will bring to the room.

View the August BIEDO Burst here

What welcome news it is to hear that their S.M.I.L.E initiative will be rolled out to the
June 2022 | Runs on the board for BIEDO, what does the rest of the year bring.

BIEDO has been right across the Burnett Inland over the past month. You might have seen us at the South Burnett Flood Recovery sessions, North Burnett Ag Shows or the JT Academy Tour supporting local Mental Health Initiatives.


I'm pleased to announce that BIEDO will be a proud signatory of the Small Business Friendly Charter. The charter's aim is to reduce barriers between large organisations and small businesses and to enhance the operating environment for small business. By signing this charter we pledge to fulfil the commitments set out in the charter. Small business deserves this focus, and we look forward to supporting it.

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June BIEDO Burst here

July - 22 - Visionary Womens.jpg
July 2022 |
We are launching one of our new projects
Burnett Visionary Women!

This project has been born of insight gathered during BIEDO’s 1on1 interviews with businesses, in partnership with North Burnett Regional Council. BIEDO sees this an opportunity to step-up and fill some social and community service gaps, that other organisations just simply don’t have the time or resources to fulfill.

View the July 22 BIEDO Burst here

April 22 - square.jpg
April 2022 | Federal Budget, out on the road with the Business Rodshow and assissting the diaster management for the Burnett Inland.

What a month! The Federal Budget was handed down, we’ve been out on the road with the Business Roadshows and assisting the disaster management of the Burnett Inland.

In headlining news from the Federal Budget, it was great to see that regional Australia was included as a full highlight heading in the budget for 2022-2023. However, we still do believe that there is more investment required for regional Australia to be considered sustainable, equitable, and realise the economic output and opportunity to produce more for Australia. Read more about what we’ll see from the Federal Budget and how to take advantage of the opportunities from a Federal Budget.

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April BIEDO Burst here

A new Burst.png
March 2022 | Welcome General Manager, Kristy Board

BIEDO has also had its fair share of challenges over the past few months.


As we continue to progress through the year, BIEDO will be working closer than ever before at a community level to create opportunity and assist with practical solutions, to meet identified gaps in services/skills and to drive proactive and positive change.

The future of us working together starts with the first conversation, and we are importantly having those conversations now so that we can set the plan forward from here.

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September 2021

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August 2021

August is upon us and this month is going to be pretty awesome!

There is a ton of activity happening, so be sure to make yourself a cuppa, bust out the calendar and mark these dates so they don't pass you by. 

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July 2021

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new financial year! 

We love fresh starts!


As #TeamBIEDO is busily planning our future projects and business enhancements to kickstart the new financial year, we're super keen to hear what you have planned for your own ventures...

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June 2021

With 2021 whipping past at breakneck speed, tax time will be here before we know it.

Whether you love it or hate it, we're here to help, with a FREE Taking Care of Business workshop: 
What accounting software is right for me? - with small business savvy Kylie Ufer from ProfitAbility Virtual Assistance. You'll find a video from the session on our Facebook page soon. 

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Raeleen Hansen, Sunflower Sunset, BIEDO Best Shots Comp 2020

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May 2021

Welcome to Queensland Small Business Month!
#QSBM2021 runs for the duration of May, and if you haven't already caught up with our team on the road across the Burnett Inland during the last couple of weeks, please give us a call or book in to one of our many great events coming up before the end of the financial year! You can read more about Small Business Month here.

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Photography by Pete Ward, one of 12 stunning photographs of the #BurnettInland selected from the 2020 BIEDO Best Shots Competition

April 2021

Big news has emerged from BIEDO HQ this month, with Chief Executive Officer Kristy Frahm announcing her departure as she takes on a new role with the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation. On behalf of Team BIEDO, I would like to extend our best wishes to Kristy and also commend her on the enormous contribution she has made...

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Photography by Denise Keelan, one of 12 stunning photographs of the #BurnettInland selected from the 2020 BIEDO Best Shots Competition

(MARCH 2021) Lovisa Heeb(Sunset).jpg
March 2021

From all the team at BIEDO, we hope you and your loved ones enjoyed a safe and Happy Easter! This month we are thrilled to share our BIEDO Events Calendar for April-June - we can't wait to see you at one of these events either face-to-face or online...

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Photography by Lovisa Heeb, one of 12 stunning photographs of the #BurnettInland selected from the 2020 BIEDO Best Shots Competition

February 2021

Here we are...time seems to be flying as we are powering through February! How are things for you?

With the holidays a distant memory now, there are a tonne of events, activities and opportunities happening in our region. We started the month with Ag Network sessions about proposed Reef Protection Regulations by the Office of the Great Barrier Reef, in both North and South Burnett. 

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Photography by Claire Kapernick, one of 12 stunning photographs of the #BurnettInland selected from the 2020 BIEDO Best Shots Competition

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