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HERO SHOT OCTOBER Denise Keelan Cattle a

Network for
Community Resilience

Building the Network for Adverse Events Resilience

BIEDO's Drought Resilience Officer is currently calling for primary producers, agencies and community members located in the South Burnett who are interested in being part of a network focused on strengthening the resilience and response of our region to drought, extreme weather and other adverse events.


Please register your details below to be added to the network and you will:

  • receive resources to better prepare and respond to drought and adverse events

  • receive information regarding rural support initiatives and assistance measures

  • be able to provide feedback on where disaster response resources are best utilised 

Join the network!

Thank you, we have added you to the database and we will be in touch soon!

Data will be stored and maintained by BIEDO for the purpose of this project. Your personal information will not be shared with external parties. 

This project has been funded through the Australian Government’s Drought Communities Programme – Extension.

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Image: Denise Keelan, "Cattle at Gordonbrook Dam" from the 2019 BIEDO Best Shots Competition.

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