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Have Your Say: Future Water Demand for Bundaberg and Burnett

Article posted on behalf of Prue Leng, Sunwater Stakeholder Relations Advisor

Your insight and data is needed

Over the next 12-18 months, Sunwater will be working to develop the Bundaberg and Burnett Regional Water Assessment (BBRWA) program. The BBRWA aims to deliver economic opportunity in the region through investment in water.

Sunwater recognises that the BBRWA follows a lot of work by Local Government, Industry Groups and others in the region who have identified projects and undertaken studies, reviews and business cases – some of which are still ongoing. If this is the case, then why are we asking you to participate in yet another study?

The BBRWA is different to previous investigations. It will look at the needs and opportunities across the entire region, not on a project-by-project basis. This means that all options can be assessed, both individually and together, to determine how the regions water needs can be met. By looking at all projects together, it means we can use a common approach to determining need and the ability of projects to meet that need. Ultimately this will inform the development of a region wide strategy to create economic opportunity through water.

What is Sunwater asking?

Key to ensuring that that this region has every opportunity to secure future projects starts with having large data inputs from different sectors into a demand assessment of water needs and usage study. Being delivered by Natural Capital Economics (NCEconomics), the study will strengthen our understanding of the region’s water needs over the next 30 years and help build a robust business case for securing funding to address those needs and achieve economic outcomes.

To ensure as many ideas, opportunities and challenges are identified and assessed in the RWA, we are asking local operators, business owners, industry representatives and primary producers who currently (or may in future) rely on water for irrigation, urban, and mining and industrial uses to complete NCEconomic’s online survey.

If your organisation represents these stakeholders, please circulate the link and encourage your members to also complete the survey (which should take approximately 15-20 minutes).

Submissions need to be completed online by Friday 15 May 2022.

Register for project updates and take the survey here:

*Note: if you have already completed the survey for the Paradise Dam Improvement Project Service Needs and Options Assessment in October 2020, you do not need to submit a response and the project team will use your response from the previous survey.

The research team will be liaising closely with the team currently undertaking the Burnett Water Feasibility Study. If you have already completed an expression of interest for that study, we would still appreciate your time to take parts of the survey (specifically Questions 1 and Questions 9 to 14). This should only take about 5 minutes.

For more information about this water assessment survey, contact Jim Binney at NCEconomics on


Over the next 12-18 months, Sunwater will be undertaking extensive consultation and engagement as part of the BBRWA.

The BBRWA aims to improve the reliability and resilience of the region's water resources by identifying future water demands for the area and compiling a comprehensive list of relevant investigations and potential projects.

Building on work already undertaken, the RWA process will assess how existing infrastructure, possible new infrastructure, and other solutions can be used to maximise water supply and drive economic growth for the Bundaberg and Burnett region.

For more information about the BBRWA and ways you can have your say, contact Stakeholder Relations Advisor Prue Leng on 0400 710 547 or

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